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Best Beaches In The Algarve - Praia Verde

Praia Verde, meaning "green beach", is so called because of the forest of stone pines (or "umbrella" pines) that form the backdrop to the beach. Having turned off the N125 you drive through the shade of these pines before reaching the car park at the top of the beach. There’s a convenience store/café here in case you need refreshments before hitting the beach or have forgotten your suntan lotion.

This is another beautiful, sandy beach in fact, it’s really just a continuation of Praia de Cabeço. There’s also a very nice café/restaurant nestling on the beach itself so you don’t have to settle for sandy cheese and tomato sandwiches for your lunch (memories of childhood).

The only downside to this beach is that you do have a bit of a trek down a wooden boardwalk to get from car park to beach. It’s not huge, but it will be uphill at the end of the day when you’re exhausted from all that beach volleyball. It’s still a very attractive beach and the walk wouldn’t stop me going, but it is something to be aware of if you’re not that mobile. Having said that, there is an access road leading down to the café, so the less sprightly members of the party could be dropped off at beach level while the driver then parks the car at the top and walks down.

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  Boardwalk to Praia Verde
View from Praia Verde beach café


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