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Best Beaches In The Algarve - Manta Rota

The beach at Manta Rota is accessed by following the signs through the village of Manta Rota, having taken the appropriately-signed turning off the N125.

Things have changed somewhat since we first visited this beach about 4 years ago. Then you parked at the edge of the dunes and just wandered onto the beach. There has been a whole load of development since then, and you now park in a large car park set some way back from the beach. Wooden boardwalks carry you over the dunes to the beach. It’s lost a little of the simple charm that it used to have, but I guess this new approach protects the dunes.

The beach itself is as lovely as ever, though. The restaurant we tried at Cabeço beach, Sem Espinhas, has a sister restaurant here next to the boardwalk. The menu is almost identical, but its location next to the boardwalk does lack the stunning views of the beach that you get at Cabeço.

Manta Rota is the only beach we’ve been to so far where we’ve seen people kitesurfing, or kiteboarding. It looks a lot of fun and is something I’ve promised myself I’m going to try when we move to Portugal permanently and I have a bit more time.

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  Boardwalk onto Manta Rota beach
Beach and dunes at Manta Rota


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