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Cachopo is a lovely little village a few miles inland out of Tavira, on the amazing Caldeirão Mountain, and is considered to be the most typical mountain village in the north-east Algarve.

It is a really attractive village were it not so far from civilisation Id seriously consider living here. Its not that many miles from Tavira, but the winding mountain roads mean that the journey will take you about an hour.

There’s a lovely museum here, the Cachopo Museum Nucleus, dedicated to the history and traditions of the region. The writing’s all in Portuguese, but there are some wonderful photos of rural life in the probably not-too-distant past and various agricultural bits and bobs. There’s also a shop at the front of the museum and this is where I bought my first jar of tomato jam (doce de tomate). It’s great with some local sheep’s cheese and ham, or as an accompaniment to grilled meat.

There’s also a kiosk by the side of the main road selling local produce and handicrafts. Having plied you with some local liqueur (actually quite a pleasant one, rather than the usual aircraft fuel) the owner will then take you down to her one-room museum of rural linen and cotton production.

Even though Cachopo is only a short drive from Tavira, it feels as though you have stepped back in time and tourism has, thankfully, passed it by. It’s a good stopping-off point for coffee and a wander if you’re having a tour round the mountains, or doing the Cachopo - Martim Longo Alcoutim drive.

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  Church at Cachopo
Kiosk at Cachopo


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