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Best Beaches In The Algarve - Cabeço

Praia de Cabeço is the second-most-easterly beach in the Algarve (the honour of most easterly going to the vast and horribly built-up beach at Monte Gordo). It’s on the outskirts of Vila Real and is clearly signposted from the N125. The turning is only a matter of a few hundred yards after the turning to Praia Verde, so keep your eyes peeled and slow down once you’ve passed the turning to Praia Verde.

The road down to the beach seems to have been abandoned part-way through a building programme and you have to dodge some seriously raised manhole covers whilst bouncing around on a very uneven road surface.

It’s worth the bumpy journey though, as this beach is an absolute jewel. Unlike some, the car park is on the same level as, and right next to, the beach so you only have to walk a few paces to find the perfect sun-bathing spot. Or a seat in the splendid restaurant, Sem Espinhas. (A full review of this restaurant will feature on the Restaurants page at some point). There is also a little hut selling beach gear, buckets and spades etc.

The sand is soft, the beach is huge, and on the baking hot, cloudless day in April when we first visited I bet there weren’t more than half a dozen people there.

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  Praia de Cabeço
Restaurant on Praia de Cabeço


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